How Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing Helps in Removing Wrinkles on Neck?

How Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing Helps in Removing Wrinkles on Neck?

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CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Wrinkles removal method keeps varying day by day, every day there a new technology evolution that delivers a different approach towards wrinkles removal method. Most of us tend to start from basic wrinkle prevention method by starting with anti wrinkles products that we purchase from any normal departmental store. But when the basic treatment method do not work, then only we tend to opt for other wrinkle removal method that are chemical in nature and expensive as compared to the normal wrinkle removal method.

Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing & Procedure

CO2 Laser Resurfacing
CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing is one of the most used methods to get rid of wrinkles on neck, the CO2 lasers have been used for treating acne scars, wrinkles and skin conditions like Birthmark and enlarged oil glands on nose. The new generation of Carbon Dioxide laser use continuous light beams or short pulse light that when delivered on skin, removes the upper layer precisely without damaging the surrounding skin with the light beam.

The process that follows
The process that follows

Usually people prefer the fractional laser to get rid of wrinkles on neck, but the CO2 laser is the new technology in this filed that has the capability to evolve and progress in this filed. I would suggest that this should not be your first step towards wrinkles on neck, it is best to start earlier when you see the signs of ageing on your neck.

co2 laser resurfacing before after
co2 laser resurfacing before after

The Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing procedure starts with the anesthesia application on the affected area, when the skin is numb then the Carbon Dioxide laser beam is delivered on skin, thus removing the dead skin from the upper skin layer without harming the surrounding skin. The laser treatment will take about 30-40 minutes depending on the area, it will sting a bit in the beginning but with the medicine and lotion application, the burning sensation will be gone.


The Carbon Dioxide Laser resurfacing is pretty expensive and will cost you a fortune, be ready to shell about $2000- $3000. Since many have not come across the CO2 laser since people like to go for the familiar laser treatments, therefore if you are only sure about the treatment then only go for the treatment.


  • It is an effective method to remove wrinkles on neck.
  • CO2 laser easily removes the top skin layer without damaging any skin around that area.


  • Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing is very expensive as compared to traditional laser treatment, thus the method cannot be opted by everyone therefore, limiting to the individuals who have set high budget.
  • After the treatment the skin becomes highly sensitive to skin that can limit your outdoor activities.
  • The treated area skin tone is slightly different from the untreated skin; therefore, you might see slight different color patches on your skin.
  • The pain during the Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing treatment is very unlikely due to anesthesia but soon as the anesthesia effect is gone, you are likely to feel the pain back.
  • The laser can cause eye damage, due to which the clinic shall provide you with protective goggle that you will need to wear in the laser procedure.
  • The treated area is likely to swell when you get back home.

Word of Caution

  • Before you go in for treatment, try to limit going outdoors or sun exposure for a week, so that the skin does not turn sensitive before the treatment, as after the treatment your skin is likely to become sensitive. Thus, avoid outdoor activities as much as possible and cover the neck area with scarf or any cloth in case you step outside.
  • Avoid wearing any make-up before going in for the treatment in case you plan to get the CO2 laser treatment done for your face as well.
  • Do no wear any perfume or lotion around your neck.
  • In case you are on any medication, do let your doctors know about your medication, so that the doctors know what chemicals will suit and which will not to avoid any side effects.
  • In case you are allergic to any particular chemical, please make sure that you inform at the clinic or else the treatment can backfire.
  • Bring along someone during your treatment, as after the treatment some patients feel light headed that can be a problem when you drive back home. Therefore, the other person can take you back home safely.
  • Even though your insurance company cannot cover the Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing, but it is advisable that you consult the Dermatologist about the payment plan to be on the safer side.
  • Always go in for qualified doctors or at least the ones that you have heard of, do not simply plunge in for the treatment if our find the treatment charges pretty low as compared to other clinics.

Alternative to Carbon Dioxide Laser Resurfacing

Before you take the decision to go for the Carbon Dioxide laser resurfacing treatment, it is better to try the simple methods like indulging in anti wrinkles products in your daily skin care routine to improve the wrinkles around your face. Even though such products do not give you the best result but the skin around the neck, become firm and smooth which makes it easy for the laser treatments to work.

Nevertheless, if you are keen on going for the laser treatment, then firstly start with the less invasive and less expensive treatments like Chemical peeling and Botox for the neck area.


Wrinkles are the sign that shows that you are aging, but it becomes a problem if the wrinkles appear at a very early age even before the usual age therefore, you should start using anti wrinkles products as soon as you see some fine lines. But I would suggest why wait for the lines to appear, I would suggest you to start using the mild anti wrinkle cream once you reach your 20’s not before that but soon after you turn 20.

Why start late when you can prevent the wrinkles before they even start appearing, this will not only keep them at bay but also slow down the ageing process.