Some Motivation to Lose Weight, You Might Need One

Some Motivation to Lose Weight, You Might Need One

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Some Motivation to Lose Weight, You Might Need One
Some Motivation to Lose Weight, You Might Need One

Losing weight is the most challenging task that anyone can ever come across in his or her life; there are times when we decide to lose weight but then end up watching TV with a bag of chips. If that keeps going on then soon it might become impossible to lose those few extra pounds. We all love it when we see Megan Fox in a crop top with the flat tummy or Jennifer Aniston’s killer toned legs, but then we do not do anything to gain that kind of body.

Sitting idly will not help u, you can either day dream or work hard and make it a reality. Everything depends on your motivation, if you are the lazy kind then you will definitely need someone to poke you or motivate you to move your ass and lose weight and the below mentioned facts might just motivate you.

Less facial hair

Yes, it is true; losing weight has had a positive effect on your facial hair growth. We all hate it when we have to get our facial hair on chin, temples and upper lips removed, as it is painful and cause redness.

Thus, in a research it is proved that weight loss lessens the symptoms of PCOS, which is responsible for the facial hair. Therefore, the more weight you lose the lesser chances for the facial hair growth.

Car Safety

It is true that fat people tend to cause more road accidents due to their weight due to which they tend to fall asleep while sleeping. Thus, this is a very good reason to motivate you to shed those extra kilos. As for car safety the air bags installed in the car is also designed normally for the average sized drivers and not the oversized, thus the fat people are more likely to injure themselves in an accident.

Less chance for Cancer

Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases that kill most of the people, thus people who are overweight have more chances to suffer from Cancer, and this is because fat people tend to produce more estrogen, which can then attract cancer.


You have just gotten out of college, so most probably you will be looking for the job to meet your financial needs. Overweight people tend to face discrimination from workplace, in terms of low salary, less chances for leadership, and less chance to be hired.

Even though they sound irrelevant, but once you enter, the business you will see the difference between the fit people and the overweight people who do not get the attention like those with killer bodies.

You can save more money

Yes, you heard it right, most fat people are likely to waste their money on various weight losing treatments and programmes, which can consume their life earnings. As the treatment do not come cheap and the treatment, too need 3 to 4 sittings to get the final result.

Thus, if you are fit then there are no ways that you will be wasting money on such treatments; instead, you could save it for your big day or for your college.