How to remove stretch marks

How to remove stretch marks

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There are lots of options available for getting rid of stretch marks like laser treatments, surgeries, stretch mark creams etc but still many people remain confused on which method to choose and how to remove marks completely without any side effects. The best way to stretch marks scar removal is to choose the natural ingredients. Some of the natural ingredients that can help you to remove stretch marks are mentioned below.

  1. How to remove stretch marks using potato juice?

Cut it into slices and rub it on the affected area for 5 minutes. Then apply some potato juice to cover up the stretch mark affected area and let it dry. Rinse off with lukewarm water after. Why potato juice? because potato juice has vitamins and minerals that fosters the process of restoration of the skin cells. It helps in scar removal.

  1. How to remove stretch marks using sugar?

Natural white sugar can be mixed with some almond oil and few drops of lemon juice and massaged for about a few minutes on the stretch mark affected area.

  1. How to remove stretch marks using aloe Vera?

There are two ways to use aloe Vera for stretch mark removal. One, you can apply it on the affected part of the skin and massage it for few minutes before washing with the lukewarm water. Two, you can also you can mix the aloe Vera gel (one fourth cup) with Vitamin E capsules (10). Massage it on the skin until it completely absorbs it.

  1. How to remove stretch marks using lemon juice?

Rub lemon juice on the stretch mark scars in circular motion and let it stay there for 10 minutes before you rinse the area with lukewarm water.

  1. How to remove stretch marks using olive oil?

Massage the oil on the stretch marks for about 10 minutes and let it stay there for at least half an hour so that it absorbs vitamins A, vitamins D and vitamins E completely.

 There are a lot of stretch mark removal options available like laser treatments, surgeries and stretch mark creams. All of them may cost you huge sum of money. These simple and easily accessible ingredients can be effect in stretch mark scar removal. These are better options to go for in comparison to stretch marks creams that may cause infection if they doesn’t suit the skin type or also they are expensive in comparison to these items that are easily available at home.