How MicroNeedling works for Stretch Marks?

How MicroNeedling works for Stretch Marks?

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MicroNeedling, a popular treatment that works great on stretch marks, the treatment that involves a roller with about 12 needles fixed to it. The device used in the treatment is known as electric skin needling device that is particularly used for Stretch Mark treatment. The main logic behind this device is to stimulate the production of Collagen by puncturing the skin several times to outline the affected area on the dermis layer that will then start the natural healing process.

Microneedle Skin Dermal Roller System
Microneedle Skin Dermal Roller System

Stretch marks as we know is caused by when the skin is stretched more than its capacity, thus this is because of the skin that loses Collagen, which is actually responsible for skin healing. Thus, what MicroNeedling does is damage the dermis level to trigger the collagen formation deep under the skin, thus when the skin produces Collagen it then heals the actual tear that caused the stretch marks.

Procedure & How it Works

To begin with the procedure, the affected area is cleaned followed by a numbing cream that is used to prevent some discomfort during the procedure. It depends on the doctor whether he or she wishes to apply some collagen stimulating products on skin or not before the treatment, both ways it is fine.

The microneedles are driven directly into the skin at a certain depth

Then the electric needling device is used to puncture the skin, with clean 12 disposable needles. The device is pen shaped with different speed and needles that can be adjusted accordingly to the doctor, the device pierces the skin in 90 degrees thus covering the area properly without leaving any area unattended.

The procedure takes about 20 minutes depending on the area that the procedure undertakes.

MIcro needling results
MIcro needling results

When the needles punctures the dermal layer it triggers the collagen formation, which then benefits the skin, texture and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. The treatment cost about $300-350 at any local spa however costs can vary depending on your dermatologist and the affected area.

The treatment can be repeated after a gap of 5-6 weeks, but for the initial treatment, you will need at least 2-3 sessions for the effective result.


  • Stimulates Collagen production and helps skin heal naturally from deep within.
  • The titanium needles is non- allergic to human, thus allergic patients need not worry.
  • MicroNeedling can be performed on any skin type.
  • Can be used on Face, neck, Thighs, cheek almost every body part, but only under guidance.
  • It is less expensive as compared to laser treatments and skin resurfacing procedures.


Side Effects

  • Temporary redness just like when your skin peels or by mild sunburn.


  • After the treatment, do not use Retinoid or AHA products on the treated area.
  • Avoid sun for further redness, can cause sunburn for the sensitive skin.
  • Do not go for the treatment if you have wounds or cuts that will only worsen the condition and can adverse the situation.
  • If your works needs you to stay outdoors, do carry a hat or umbrella or apply a mild sunscreen to beat the rays.


Stretch marks are a part of your life, but if you are sure to get rid of it, then do so. MicroNeedling is a good option for those who have average budget for the treatment, there are no major side effects, but it is always safe to firstly consult your doctor and then go on for such treatments.

Always ask if you have any question popping in your mind, it is better to be aware then to regret later.