Too Lazy to Knock down Stretch Marks; Tips to Hide the Stretch...

Too Lazy to Knock down Stretch Marks; Tips to Hide the Stretch Marks

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hiding stretch marks
hiding stretch marks

We all have come to that point when we got tired of using products, taking vitamins and what not to get rid of stretch marks, but all goes in vain especially when the stretch marks turn old. Thus, after all the treatments and medication we tend to give up and feel disheartened, but always remember that there is always a way out if you look harder. The similar thing goes for stretch marks, even though you might have not been able to get rid of them permanently but you can surely conceal them for some time.

If you are keen on getting laser treatment for stretch mark removal but are low on cash, you can always follow these simple tips to keep things going on till you have the required amount that you need for the laser treatment.

Tips & Tricks

Body Makeup

Body Makeup
Apply body make evenly and use a color which will compliment your skin

Body Makeup is different from your normal make up products and makeup professionals and celebrities use it to hide their flaws and look best. However, you too can get your hands on some body makeup that you are not likely to find in any drug store, you can find it at makeup stores or department store.

Body Makeup is thick and does not wash off easily like face makeup, as it has ingredients that make it resistant to sweat and water. You will need to carefully choose the right skin color shade for your body makeup that suits your natural skin tone, or else you might end up with different color stripes on your body. Once, you get the products you can apply it like your regular makeup on the affected area and massage well so the product settles down on the skin surface.

Body Tan

Body Tan
Body Tan

Body tan is not only meant for looking beautiful but also to hide your stretch marks, celebrities like Kim Kardashian are big fans of sun tanners that keep the fine lines n cellulite at bay. Thus, taking inspiration from Celebrities, you can always try their method and see for yourself whether it works or not.

That does not mean you sit out in sun and bake yourself until or unless you start feeling dizzy, you can simply get it done from any salon that provides such service. You can walk away with tanned body within few minutes.

Usually a tanned body looks more tight and toned thus; the tanned glow minimizes the stretch mark lines. However, make sure you exfoliate your body before getting a tanned body or else you will see flaky skin falling off, but if your skin surface is exfoliated, the tan looks natural and even on your skin.

Right Clothes

The other way to hide stretch marks is to wear clothes that can hide the fine lines on your body. Even though it might not be a brilliant idea but it can do the work, if you are going out for a swim and you have stretch marks on your stomach area then you can wear a one-piece bathing suit that covers you tummy area. On the other hand, if you have stretch marks on upper thighs then you will have to wear shorts or skirts to hide the fine lines.


hiding stretch marks
hiding stretch marks

This is the most unlikely method to hide your stretch marks, which I would not recommend to anyone until or unless you are completely sure of it and its consequences.

You will need to be very careful while choosing a tattoo design or else it will look as if you purposely made the tattoo to hide your stretch marks. The best way to go for this method is to consult your dermatologist or the tattoo artist and ask if any side effects could occur on your skin, after all you would not put your skin at risk for stretch marks that can be hidden by some other method too.

Tattoo is one of the rare methods that people try to hide their stretch marks.


First of all, you need to love your body, the way it is, there is nothing that you can do to stop your body form changing. Always remember that Stretch marks are a part and parcel of life, thus it is better if you embrace your flaws or else you can try the surgical or laser treatments that can remove the stretch marks once and for all but it comes with a heavy price.

Therefore, you will need heavy budget if you are keen to go for such treatment or else you will need to stick with the temporary tricks to hide the stretch marks. In addition, even if you have the required budget then do not forget to consult your doctor and en quire about every consequence and doubt that you have in your mind before the treatment. You should not have a doubtful mind when you sit in for treatment or else you might regret your decision later.