Effective skin care habits

Effective skin care habits

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Effective skin care habits
Effective skin care habits

You must read about lot of skin care routines. You might also be following a lot of them. one thing that you need to make sure is that you are doing it right. If you over do it, it can increase your skin problem and vice versa. Here are a few skin care habits that you might be doing wrong-

  1. Consistency is more important than frequency

You have acne and you are told to keep your skin oil free and for that you are told to wash your face. But that does not mean that you need to keep on washing it after every few hours. That can make your skin go dry. It is really important for your skin to secrete natural oils as they help in maintaining the quality of skin. If you wash your face quite often, it does nothing but irritates the skin and makes it drier. If you are advised to use a cosmetic product in little, pea-sized amount, don’t overdo it.

  1. Break the Oil Free stigma

Oils are really essential for the skin. The biggest mistake that people tend to do is that they avoid oil. They go on an oil free diet and oil free skin care regime. You should not really avoid oil but you should just decrease its consumption. Forget the oil free obsession. Some oils such as almond oil are good for your skin. They not only smooth-en your skin but also makes your skin clear.

  1. Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Fast food, junks, spicy food, alcohol, smoking, these are the habits that you need to give up if you desire for a healthy looking younger and beautiful skin. Also, you need to exercise daily at least for half an hour. Drink lots and lots of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Sleep at least for 7 hours at night and it is even good if you take a 15 minute nap during afternoon.

  1. Accept the change in skin care routine

Skin care routines cannot remain same at every age. Skin tends to age with skin and so you need to mold your skin care routine a bit. While cleansing and moisturizing is enough in 20’s, toning and facial massages becomes essential in 30’s. So you need to change your skin care routine with age. Be open to change and stop complaining that your cream has stopped working.

  1. Exfoliating doesn’t have to be abrasive

If you make your skin red and irritated after you scrub. You are doing it wrong rather you are over doing it. You should use a mild scrub or exfoliating cream. Don’t go too harsh on your skin. It will not only dry your skin out but can also cause serious skin problems. You just need to get rid of the dead skin and not damage the healthy skin. Exfoliate only when it is required.