Few Beauty Uses of Lemon

Few Beauty Uses of Lemon

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Few Beauty Uses of Lemon
Few Beauty Uses of Lemon

We all have our favorite skin care products that work really well for our skin and complexion, but for that we need to spend some pretty good amount of cash, which might not always sound pleasant. At times, we need to save in some cash for the next birthday party or for the dress that you have been eying for quite some time now.

There are many food and fruits in your kitchen that might just work fine instead of the expensive beauty products, one of them being lemon. Until now, we used lemon to get rid of tan or for weight loss, where we add lemon and honey to Luke warm water and gulp it down. Here, I shall tell you few other beauty uses of Lemon which can do wonders for your skin.

Even Skin Tone

We all have that odd skin tone; some are being lighter than the other area most probably because of the acne scars that leave a deep impression behind on the skin. According to some studies, it is said that lemon can help an individual to get rid of the scars and the dark brown marks left behind by acne.

So next time you enter the kitchen, slice some lemon and squeeze them into a bowl and dip a cotton ball and apply it on the affected area, and thus wash your face with cold water. The citrus juice is believed to lighten the pimple scars.

Goodbye to Dandruff

Another use of lemon, we all tend to suffer from flaky scalp at some point but that is not the end of your lives. What we can do is take some water, lemon juice, olive oil and ginger root, grind them and apply the mixture on your scalp. You can follow this procedure when you want to take a shower, thus apply and let it completely dry. Once it is dry, take some water in your palms, start massaging your head, and then wash it off with a shampoo.

Dry Elbows

Just as we use lemon as exfoliator, similarly we can use it as a great fruit to get rid of the dry elbow. Dry elbow does not look good when you are showing some skin; it is an embarrassing sight to see.

To avoid any of that simple mix some lemon juice with little baking soda, keep mixing until it turns into a grainy texture. Apply the mixture on your elbow and wash it off once dry.

Complexion Cleaner

You might have heard of people telling you to rub some lemon on your face for the bright skin tone. This is somewhere true, as in many whitening creams, you will find the lemon extract. Thus, you need to slice the lemon and rub it all over your face. This will cleanse, and hydrate your skin.

So next time you suffer from acne scars or dark sport, you know what you have to do. Just grab some lemon and rub it all over your face.