Tips on how to prevent Neck wrinkles

Tips on how to prevent Neck wrinkles

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Tips on how to prevent Neck wrinkles
Tips on how to prevent Neck wrinkles

For most of us, skincare ends with face, while it should not. It is always advised to do the skin care for whole body and if not, then at least for the neck as well. This is the reason why most of the people develop wrinkles on the neck while their face is all clear and glowing. That is because we ignore that part of the skin. Neck wrinkles also depict premature aging. In fact neck is considered to be the critical spot for signs of aging and skin around the neck is as delicate as it is on skin.

The best way to prevent the signs of aging is to maintain a good skincare routine and take special care of the elasticity of the skin. There are a lot of surgical treatments that you can opt for but natural methods are recommended to be safe and worthy.

What are the causes for wrinkles on neck?

Pollution, smoking and sun are the prominent causes of neck wrinkles. Smoke and pollution both damages the skin. In the early years, the skin has the ability to neutralize these radicals but this ability drops down with age and skin damage starts to appear on the skin in different forms. Smoking as well damages the skin.

Sun is good for skin and bone as it nourishes skin with vitamin D but not all times. Some of the harmful rays of the sun can cause damage to the skin. The sun destroys the elasticity of the skin that further leads to age spots and wrinkles.

How can you prevent neck wrinkles?

Use a good moisturizing sunscreen to protect yourself from the UVA and UVB rays that can cause damage to your skin. Quit smoking. If that sounds tough at least limit your smoking habits. Drink lots and lots of water throughout the day. At least have eight glasses of water in a day.

Also improve your posture and lifestyle habits. Keep your head straight and chin up. Make sure that you use a soft and not so high pillow for sleeping.

To cure the wrinkles you can rub potato slices on the neck. They will detoxify the skin and also cleanse the pores. You can also apply anti wrinkles cream or refer a dermatologist to know more about Retin-A creams and if you can use them. Retin A creams are really effective for anti aging.

Just improve your lifestyle habits and you are good to go. If the problem is really severe, consulting a dermatologist is a better option.