Brace The Skin For The Oncoming Winters!

Brace The Skin For The Oncoming Winters!

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Brace The Skin For The Oncoming Winters!
Brace The Skin For The Oncoming Winters!

With the cold already showing signs of its arrival on skin, perhaps it is the appropriate time for one to stock up for their skin care products to brace the oncoming winters. Unlike heat which is bearable up to a certain degree to the skin, cold often causes much damage to the skin that one might not even be aware of.

Therefore, this winter to keep the skin looking all healthy and glowing, follow these few tricks according to one skin type and prepare the skin for the oncoming winters.

For Oily Skin

People with oily skin tend to breathe a sigh of relief in winters however though might have oily complexion, that will not stop the frost and the cold from stealing away the moisture from your skin. In order to avoid this, a regular cleanup is advised. Post cleanup, an oil free serum along with a moisturizer (water based) should be usedon the skin so that the moisture that is being lost due to the cold gets replenished in the adequate quantity. Instead of not using any product for the fear that it might produce oil in the skin, it is beneficial to use specific ones that will keepthe skin hydreated during the cold months.

For Dry Skin

The winter season hits the dry skinned people the hardest since they already lack the moisture in their complexion and the cold brittle weather steals whatever hydration is also left in the skin. Dry skin is prone to developing thin almost invisible cracks on the skin surface that allow moisture to have a easy getaway. These cracks in turn also allow dirt and irritants to easily enter the skin thus making your skin sensitive to various products you never faced a problem with. To avoid such problems, adopt a soap free cleansing routine and use regular water while rinsing the face. Cleansing milk proves great for winter months as it cleans the skin effectively without stealing away the much needed moisture. Post rinse, use a toner (alcohol free) to remove any chemical buildup and then lather your face with good quantity of moisturizers having avocado, peach, walnuts or milk extracts.

For normal combination skin

For the people with a combination skin tone, the key to dealing with the cold winter months is not to use great quantity of moisturizers but to concentrate on the ingredients that these moisturizers contain. Lotions or creams having borage oil, cranberry oil or primrose oil are great to repair any damage caused by the cold.

Also, on days when the weather hits almost a low or if the skin starts showing signs of cracks, use essential oils mixed with your moisturizer to provide the required hydration to the skin.