Improve your mornings by avoiding these mistakes

Improve your mornings by avoiding these mistakes

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a girl waking up with a smile on her face
a girl waking up with a smile on her face

They say a fresh morning start can lead to a good day and vice versa. Most of us follow a hectic routine and waking up remembering our everyday schedule can spoil the morning. A bad mood in the morning can also lead to skipping breakfast, getting late for work, etc. Here are a few steps following which you can Improve your mornings by avoiding these mistakes that can transform your day.

  1. Never wake up with a jerk

After the alarm has ringed a hundred times, people finally realize that they are getting late and they need to rush. In all this hassle, this first thought of the morning causes them to wake up with a jerk and rush to the gym. This is so wrong for your body muscles. Instead, when you wake up, take few breaths and turn to your right and then turn up slowly.

  1. Stretch up

Stretching the muscles after getting up from the bed lets you lose the stiffness, opens up your mind and makes you feel afresh. It is said that the muscles in the morning, especially the spine gets stiff. So three to four gentle stretches can compromise for a exercise routine to a certain level.

  1. Wake up with a smile

Always wake up with a smile. What generally happens is that people wake up to realize their problems, tensions, pending work and more and end up shouting on people around, especially the maids. Every morning is a new start. If you wake up smiling, you build up an aura of positive energy around yourselves and half your problems are solved.

  1. Don’t check your phone

Avoid checking the phone immediately after you wake up. the day is long and there is enough time to think and reply over the e mails and know what things you got to do.

  1. Don’t ever skip the breakfast

“Eat the breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a beggar.” So dont ever skip the breakfast. If you don’t eat in half an hour after you wake up, you will probably feel lethargic all through the day. Also, when you wake up your sugar levels are already low, so it is really important to eat something.

  1. Avoid nicotine and caffeine consumption in the morning

 Starting the day with something alkaline is a better option than having a cup of coffee or tea. Mornings are the best time for body juices to work efficiently. Also the body has been fasting all through the night. Eat something nutritious instead of caffeine and nicotine intake. You can drink water. Drinking a few glass of water puts the metabolism on work after long hours of sleep.

  1. Plan in advance

After having done all the above now you can think of the tasks that you want to accomplish in the day and get your schedule ready. This is the time you would want to read through your phone.

These small mistakes not only spoil the quality of the day but also they can lead to health problems in long run. To wake up with a good mood,