How to get rid of Itchy Scalp?

How to get rid of Itchy Scalp?

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How to get rid of Itchy Scalp
How to get rid of Itchy Scalp

Winter is here and now we have to take extra care of our skin, body and hair, usually in winters our hair gets dry, which lead to itchy scalp that can turn your head complete white. No one would want to walk around with a white head right, thus we need to dab on some extra oil on our hair whenever we get a chance.

Dandruff becomes a big issue in winters, when you do not want to wash hair regularly. Here are some tips that will help you get a better insight on the white scalp.

Firstly, know what causes Dandruff!

Before getting into some treatment, we must know ‘WHY’ why are we suffering from the white scalp, when you are taking good care of your hair? Dandruff can cause due to both dry and oily skin, we usually think that only oily skin can cause dandruff, which is not true, even oily skin can do that, as the oil can build up and simply flake off, whereas in dry skin, it is obvious that your hair too will be dry and thus cause itchy scalp.

Some basic causes of dandruffs are, poor diet, stress, not washing hair enough (atleast 3-4 times a week). Thus, the dirt collects ion our head and creates flakes that fall off from our hair.

You might lose your Hair

Yes, with dandruff you might lose lot of hair, you might have noticed in winters that your hair tend to fall in an excessive amount. Thus, the flakes that weaken your debris layer, which causes the hair fall, cause this. Thus, make sure you oil your hair regularly and message your scalp that will give you a string scalp and prevent hair fall.

Oil is the Best Solution

You might have heard from your mother, when she asks you to oil your hair as it will help your hair grow long and nourish your scalp, yep that was all true, oiling your hair can boost the quality of your hair and scalp. Thus, before washing your hair, simply warm your favorite hair oil and apply it few hours before washing it off, message it deeply and keep it for few hours, then wash it off.

You will see a shinier and smooth hair.

Still confused, why you have dandruff??

If after all these tips, you still find some white flakes in your hair, then wash your hair often. This will prove what your hair needs, at times the scalp releases lot of oil, which we tend to ignore for 2 days, which till then causes the oil to build up and form flakes.

Thus, next time you are still in confusion, try washing your hair regularly, and if you notice the difference then you know what your hair wanted from you.