How to Prevent Greasy Hair

How to Prevent Greasy Hair

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greasy hair
greasy hair

If greasy hair or oily hair sounds a very less known or estranged problem to you, then you are certainly wrong. There are a many other people like you that face this problem. Not only have the common people face the problem of greasy hair but the celebrities as well. In fact, they are also criticized for greasy hair. Megan Fox received a lot of criticism when she walked on the Red Carpet for 2009 MTV awards.

Megan Fox at MTV Movie Awards 2009
Megan Fox at MTV Movie Awards 2009

The problem with the greasy and oily hair is that they are hard to control. They clump together easily and hence don’t hold a style well. The overproduction sebum in the scalp is the main cause of greasy hair. But don’t worry. You can avoid greasy hair or oily hair simply by changing your hair washing habits.

How to wash greasy hair?

If you want to know how to keep hair away from getting greasy, then follow the steps while washing greasy hair.

Do not wash too often

Generally the misconception with people is that they wash their hair off every day thinking that will help in getting rid of the oil and hence the grease. Washing hair off may help you in getting rid of the greasy hair but washing too often means that grease come on hair and scalp too quick. The more you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp produces, and the bigger your problem becomes. That is the reason why you must have noticed that your hair tends to become oily by the lunch time if you have washed them in the morning.

This happens because the body responds to replace the oil that you have lost by washing your hair off. In fact the body’s response to replace the lost sebum is excessive and hence by washing your hair too often or daily, you will end up increasing the sebum production; this way you would not solve the problem but in fact make it worse. Hence it is important to break the cycle of sebum production. Hence do not wash your hair every day but wash it every other day. If you can skin washing hair for two days, do that. Wear a hat some of the day or tie your hair for one day in a week to avoid them washing each day. Or you can experiment with the corn starch. Dab it gently on the scalp so that it soaks in all the extra oil and get rid of the corn starch later.

Use different shampoo for scalp and different for the ends

The problem with the greasy hair is that they are oily from the scalp but not below the roots. Below the roots, the hair is dry. If all your hair is greasy from the scalp to the ends, then you may use the same shampoo. But if your hair is greasy from the scalp but not towards the end, then you may experiment with two shampoo. Choose an oil free shampoo for the scalp and a moisturizing one for the hair. Use the moisturizing shampoo first and then wash off your scalp with the oil free shampoo, so that no amount of moisture gets on the scalp from the other shampoo. You can use a clarifying shampoo for your scalp.

Do not rub your scalp vigorously while shampooing or otherwise

Do not rub the scalp vigorously while shampooing or otherwise as it stimulates the sebaceous glands and further causes more sebum production. Pat it with fingers instead. Leave shampoo on the scalp for a few minutes and allow it to soak some oil before you rinse it off. Before rinsing off, move your fingers throughout the scalp, just once; to ensure that all the dirt and the oil that is stuck on the scalp gets away.

For the same reason do not massage your scalp or comb it quite often.

Rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water; do not ever use hot water

Hot water should not be used on the greasy hair or oily hair as heat stimulates the produce sebum. On the other hand cold water shuts that down. Also cold water helps in closing the cuticles to reduce the damage. Try to wash off your hair with cold water. In winters, if cold water sounds impossible you may use lukewarm water but never ever rinse off with hot water. Even if you wash your hair with lukewarm water, your last rinse should be of cold water. That would close the cuticles and prevent from further damage.

Rinsing hair

Rinse for your hair for at least one minute. Sometime grease is caused because of the shampoo or the conditioner that has not been removed completely. Also rinsing enough ensures that the oil is removed. That is the reason why people with dry hair are advised not to rinse hair for longer but for people who have greasy hair, can rinse for several minutes.

Do not skip the conditioner

People with greasy hair generally skin the conditioners thinking that that will worsen their problem. But the fact is that the conditioners are made for your hair ends and not the scalp. Conditioners are advisable to all the people who have greasy hair problems. If you have all greasy hair, from scalp to the end, still you can use the conditioner to the very end to prevent damage; and if you have greasy hair from the scalp then you but not towards the end, then you better be using the conditioners. Still, if you think that the problem gets worse after using the conditioners and it is better if you do not use them at all, you can use the conditioners before washing your scalp with the shampoo and make sure that you rinse off the conditioner very well.

With that make sure that you do not touch your hair quite often and whenever you touch, your hands should be cleaned. Do not touch your hair while you are you are eating, because the oil in your hands can worsen your problem of greasy hair. This simple procedure or guidelines to follow for greasy hair can make your life a little simpler so easily.


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