How to avoid split ends from coming back?

How to avoid split ends from coming back?

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greasy hair
greasy hair

If you are amongst the people who have tried to get rid of split ends, have got them trimmed several times on the cost of length of your hair, but the split ends are still stubborn and they came back once again. Do not worry because this happens with most of the people. No matter how much you oil your hair and try to keep them tied in a pony tail or a bun, once you have had split ends, there are chances that they might come back.

Why Split ends come back?

How to Cure Split End
How to Cure Split End

The reason why split ends come lies in the causes of split ends. What causes split ends? When hair does not get proper nourishment, especially the ends, they become dry and brittle; causing the protective outer layer of the hair to wear out; and this causes split ends. The protective outer layer of the hair can damaged because of lot of external factors such as the products that have lots of chemical such as shampoos, heat, wind, hair color etc. Once you have had split ends that mean that the protective layer is not there and that has caused the split ends. Even if you have got them trimmed, the problem does not end there. Still your hair are undernourished and hence you need to take care of them in order to prevent split ends from coming.

How to avoid split ends from coming back?

Take care while brushing and combing

If you have had split ends that make sure that you use a good hair brush or comb that soft and gentle. Do not be rough while combing the hair, be gentle on hair instead. Also do not comb hair too often that can also cause hair damage. If you have thicker hair, make sure you are using a thick comb. You can lose certain amount of the natural oil from the hair by excessive combing.

Protect your hair from sun

Most of the people already know that heat is bad for split ends; you might have given up on the heat based styling tools but it is equally important to protect your hair from heat. Make sure you wear a hat or a cover up your hair with a scarf when in sun. Use serums before you step out in sun; heat protectant serums are a better choice.

Washing and drying hair

Do not wash your hair too often. If you are washing hair daily, stop that because that steals away all the moisture of the hair, leaving your hair dry and rough, causing split ends. Make sure that you wash your hair with a chemical free shampoo; herbal shampoos are a better choice. Chemical can cause further damage to hair by stealing away the natural oils of hair and making them brittle. Next, make sure that you use a conditioner especially meant for dry and damaged hair. Wash your hair with cold water as hot water also strips away the moisture content of hair.

While drying your hair, dab them with the towel and do not ever rub them with the towel. Just squeeze them using the towel and wrap the towel on hair; it will absorb water on its own. And of course, you do not have to use a blow dryer.

Oiling hair

Oil your hair quite often, at least thrice in a week. It would be even better if you take a hot oil treatment at least once in a weak. You can use Olive oil or coconut oil or almond oil for this purpose. This will help in nourishing the hair by proving it with enough moisture.

Following these steps you can avoid the spit ends from coming back and locking in the lost moisture in hair. Remember, that healthy hair is the solution to get rid of spilt ends completely.


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