How Tea Bags Can Help With Dark Circles under Eyes

How Tea Bags Can Help With Dark Circles under Eyes

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Dark Circles under Eyes
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A late night shift and lack of adequate sleep time can give you dark circles under eyes. However instead of relying on over the counter creams that take approximate 5-7 days to show their effects, home remedies for dark circles under eyes work out best for many people. A quick fix to under eye problem, there are however numerous home remedies for under eye circles that one can choose from.

tea bags for dark circles
You can apply cold tea bags to your eyes. Tea bags have tannin in them and that can help reduce swelling and discoloration.

Using tea bags for dark under eye circles is one of the well known and preferred remedy. As we know that lack of sleep causes the blood vessels under eyes to dilate creating a dark tint. Similarly if tiredness accompanies with lack of sleeping time, it causes fluids to leak out into the skin below eyes thus giving a puffy look the morning after.

Tea bags helps in this situation in such a way that the caffeine present in the tea bags helps in reducing the water in the tissues around and under the eyes. Other than this, tea also contains a good dose of antioxidants which in turn helps in fighting free radicals from harming your skin by forming a protective shield in between. For dealing with the puffiness under eyes, tea bags are also a good solution since they contain tannins. Tannins in tea bags help in reducing the accumulated fluids under eyes. Its astringent nature constricts the blood vessels and capillaries under eyes thereby shrinking the puffiness.

How to apply tea bags on dark circles under eyes?

Though green tea bags are best to a quick fix for under eye dark circles however if you don’t have green tea with you, fret not because your regular caffeinated (black) tea bags can also come in handy.

  1. Drop two bags of black tea bags or green/white tea bags into a cup of hot water for 5-10 minutes. Heating the tea releases the tannins and caffeine from the leaves which is useful at a later stage.
  2. Once soaked, remove the tea bags from the water and squeeze out any excess water from it. Excess water in bags if not removed might result in the tea leaking into your eyes while applying it over the eyes which can in turn cause burning, redness and itchiness.
  3. After squeezing the excess water from the tea bags, place it on a clean plate and refrigerate them overnight. The tea bags need to be as cold as possible since the cold nature of the tea bags will help in reducing puffiness and redness.
  4. The next morning, remove the tea bags from the refrigerator and lie down in a comfortable position away from any direct sunlight or any other source of bright light. The warmness of the sun can evaporate the moisture from the tea bags which will make the treatment useless therefore stay away from lights while using the treatment.
  5. Next place the tea bags over your eyes for at least 10-15 minutes.
  6. Post application you can feel a coolness in the area around eyes plus you will also notice that the dark circles under eyes will now be less prominent than before.

A regular usage of tea bags for under eyes can help in preventing dark circles if you do not have any at the moment and in case you do have it, you can see considerable reduction within two weeks.