Different dark Circles treatments that you can opt for

Different dark Circles treatments that you can opt for

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Dark circles
Dark circles

Dark circles are a problem that most of the people go through. It is not about the signs of aging but you can develop dark circles even at adolescence. Dark circles one of the signs of aging but the cause of dark circles could be other as well. Dark circles appear on face due to unhealthy diet habits and unhealthy sleeping patterns. Also people who suffer from chronic diseases also have dark circles. If you are looking for some instant dark circles treatments , these are the options that are available to you-

Chemical Peeling

Chemosurgery commonly called the chemical process in which some chemical are used to exfoliate the damaged uppermost layer of the skin so that the fresh layer behind is exposed and rejuvenated. It cannot be done at home rather a dermatologist or an anesthesian might be required for the process. Chemical peeling is most commonly used to treat the cane and also it used for wrinkles and hyper pigmentation.

Since the skin around the skin thin and delicate, the medium or too deep chemical peeling is not referred in such cases rather the Glycolic or AHA based chemical peeling is proffered. Argi peel is also preferred for dark circles.

IPL or Intense Pulse Treatment

This treatment works by using the high energy light waves to destroy the cells that cause discoloration of the skin under the eyes and helps you getting rid of the dark circles. These high energy light waves constrict blood vessels. This dark circle removal treatment is highly effective but it is way too costlier. Also, it takes several sessions to get rid of the dark circles completely and frequency of the magnitude depends directly on the severity of the case.

Laser Treatment

With laser treatment for dark circles, ultraviolet light or infrared invisible light are used over the affected area and the energy created by these light waves are absorbed by the skin. The laser rays are targeted on the fat that is deposited beneath the under eye skin. The laser treatment for dark circles results in lightening of the dark pigments and also smoothens the skin on the area.


Blepharoplasty, is the name of the surgery for dark circles. Such type of surgeries is performed by the plastic surgeons. Under this treatment for dark circles, the fat deposits under the kin are removed to reduce the discoloration of the skin and also under eye puffiness. People who have more skin under the eyes are considered to be better for the surgery.

A local anaesthesia is given under the surgery that can lead to bruising and swelling under the eye, which can last for about a week. So be careful before you opt for such a surgery.

It is always advisable to choose a dark circle treatment only after referring to a doctor because he can tell you better, which dark circle treatment is better and going to be most effective on your skin type, depending on the severity of the case.