Four Beauty Uses of Yoghurt

Four Beauty Uses of Yoghurt

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Four Beauty Uses of Yoghurts
Four Beauty Uses of Yoghurts

There are several food products that are actually good for the skin; if we carefully look around our kitchen, we will definitely find something that might just boost our skin. The beauty market is packed with skin care products, which might cost you fortune, but then according to us that are the only quick way to get rid of the dark spots and attain a flawless skin.

This is human nature, firstly not to take care of the skin and when we realize it, it gets too late, thus to cover the gap we tend to fall for the expensive products that might turn a hole in your pocket after the regular shopping of beauty products. However, then there are the natural ways that can benefit our skin, body, hair and so on. Here we shall talk about the goodness of Yoghurt and how the eatable product helps protect our skin.

Beauty uses of Yoghurt


Until now, we involved Yoghurt in our diet to replace the curd as it is said that Yoghurt contains less fattening ingredients and thus people tend to eat more of yoghurt especially the frozen Yoghurt.

To use the Yoghurt, firstly clean your face with luke warm water and wipe it dry, then apply the yoghurt on your face, the yoghurt will tighten your pores. As soon as it dried up, you can simply wash off your face and apply moisturizer. Yoghurt contains lactic acid, which is very helpful in rejuvenating your skin.

Flaky Scalp

Winters is the time when most of us tend to suffer from itchy scalp and super dry hair, thus to fight that off you can sue the plain yoghurt as a conditioner. Simply take some yoghurt in a bowl and apply it after shampooing, let it sit in for 10 minutes and rinse it off. Trust me; you will enjoy the soft hair and dandruff free scalp.


In winters our hands tend to dry and crack, thus as an effective remedy you can simply take one spoon of honey and mix it with one spoon yoghurt. Since honey is a natural remedy for dry skin and a natural source for soft skin, thus the mixture of these two products will surely give you soft hands in winters.


Here you can mix Yoghurt with some grounded nuts and the mixture can be used as a scrubber. The Nuts act as the exfoliator thus simple applies the mixture, rub your feet, and rinse it off. The result is the soft feet and well-hydrated skin due to the yoghurt and nuts with the natural oils.