Myths about Cellulite

Myths about Cellulite

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Cellulite Detox Woman Thigh
Cellulite Detox Woman Thigh

Cellulite is caused due to the fat deposits in the skin that eventually causes the skin to dimple. Cellulite are most commonly found in the behind regions such as hips, thighs etc. There is no treatment to get rid of them completely but still you can manage to reduce the size through some changes in the routine.

Cellulite is a problem that most of the women suffer from. Almost 90 per cent. Also, there are a lot of myths about Cellulite. The five major myths about Cellulite are discussed below:

  1. Cellulite affects only old women

Cellulite definitely has a connection with age but not this one. Cellulite appears on the skin of the women age between 25 and 30. It might get worse with age but that does not mean it won’t affect young women. The reason why these Cellulite dimples become more visible during this old age is due to the chances in the skin. With old age, the skin loosens and Cellulite becomes more visible. The occurrence or development of Cellulite has nothing to do with the age. It might depend on the hormonal and genitical factors. If your mom had them, you are also likely to have them.

  1. Cellulite affects only those who are overweight

Cellulite occurs due to the fat deposits beneath the skin. This usually happens with the women who are overweight but it can also affect thin people who do not exercise at all. Also, the occurrence of Cellulite is dependent on the skin structure. So weight is one of the factor that can cause fat deposits but it is not the only cause of Cellulite.

  1. Lifestyle is unrelated to Cellulite

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, the chances that you may suffer from cellulite, increases. Unhealthy eating, sun exposure, stress, smoking etc can lead to severity of Cellulites. Hence, it is advisable to drink more water as it drain the toxins out from the body instead of letting them deposit to cause cellulite. UV rays also weakens and damages the skin structure.

  1. Cardio can help in cellulite reduction

Cardio helps in maintain the health of the heart and circulation of blood. It does not help enough in reducing cellulite. Squats, lunges, weight work outs help the most. Also, the exercise that is meant for the body part you have cellulite in is more helpful.

  1. Creams can cure cellulite

There are no magical creams that can help in curing cellulites. In fact there is no remedy or treatment for cellulite. You can only improve your lifestyle to make your skin thick and tight, and hence make cellulite less visible but you cannot really get rid of them.