Quick Fix for Dry Skin for Any Skin Tone

Quick Fix for Dry Skin for Any Skin Tone

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dry skin
dry skin

Dryness is a big NO especially when the winters are just few weeks away, it is the season where our skin needs to be pampered and showered with the best hydrating and moisturizing ingredients. It need not be the most expensive cream in the world; it could be just any simple cream that has sufficient moisturizing agent that can take good care of the skin.

Anyone can suffer from dry skin and it does not mean that only fair people or dark people suffer from dryness. Anyone can get dry skin in the winters, thus it is necessary to give the best skin care to achieve the healthy glowy skin that we only dream of.

The Different Skin Tone Color

Dark/, Middle Eastern and South Asian Skin Color

Most of the dark textured skin tends to suffer from Ash or Flaky Skin and Dark spots. The problem with the dark skin tone is that the dead skin layer does not come off easily as compared to the lighter skin tone people. And when a dark skin tone individual suffers from dryness, his or her skin tends to create the white flaky skin that turns into gray scale which further makes the dark skin tone look more dark.

However, if you have dark skin tone and you suffer from the similar situation, then you need to use lotions that comprise of lactic acid and urea that you can sue once a week to hydrate and exfoliate your skin to prevent the ash looking skin. Dark skin tend to have less amount of Ceramides that is present more in the lighter skin, thus the lactic acid will help in increasing the Ceramides level in your skin.

Fair Skin

The most common problem for the fair skin toned people is the redness that their skin suffers from, as the redness is more common in the fair skin than any other skin tone. Also fair skin toned people’s skin is easily chapped and broken, thus causing the inflammation that turns the irritated skin red.

What you can do is apply moisturizers or creams that contain licorice extract or Ceramides. After you apply the moisturizer take a pea size amount of the Hydrocortisone cream twice a day and regularly for two weeks straight. This will help you constrict the blood vessels that was causing redness, but always remember to apply it on the moisturizer and not on the naked skin.

Asian Skin

Asian skin tends to suffer from sensitivity, which means that people with Asian skin tone or wheatish skin tone tend to have the weakest barrier that cause irritation in the skin very easily. In addition, people with such skin tone have lower level of Humectants as compared to the white and dark skin toned individuals.

Now what you can do for the sensitive skin is to use mild cleaners and moisturizer and avoid much usage of anything containing Salicylic acid and Glycolic acids. Moreover, look for moisturizers that have Ceramides as that will create a stronger skin barrier. The best advice is not to lose the natural skin oil.

Thus, take care of your skin according to the skin tone and get rid of dry and itchy skin.

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