Does Eyelid Thermage Work on Wrinkles Around Eyes

Does Eyelid Thermage Work on Wrinkles Around Eyes

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As we age, the skin around our eyes and mouth start forming deep lines that later turn into Wrinkles, therefore to fight back the wrinkles there are various treatments that can be used to treat the wrinkles. The skin area around the eye becomes saggier and wrinkly due to the loss of fat below the skin. As our body loses fats, the area becomes hollow and leads to fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles.

EyeLid Thermage

Thermage is a non-invasive procedure, where a tool that delivers hot radio frequency is placed under or above the eye, thus with the heat frequency that passes in the Dermis skin layer it contracts the Collagen, which then tightens the skin therefore, removing the fine lines around the eye area.


The skin around the eye is wiped clean with cotton or a piece of cloth, before the treatment, once you lie down for the treatment, doctors shall apply some light cream to avoid any skin burning. The tool for the eyelid Thermage is placed under the eye through which radio frequency is delivered on the skin. The heat from the tool helps in contracting the collagen under the skin, which in turn tightens the skin surface to form a firm and smooth skin free of wrinkles.

Before the treatment begins, the doctor shall drop in some numbing drops in your eyes just as you must have seen at the eye doctor, after which the doctor shall place in a special contact lenses that are specially designed for this purpose. The contact lenses are similar to the regular contact lenses that you wear, however it is more comfortable than the regular ones.

The tip of the tool is then placed on eyelid skin and the area to be treated, the tip passes on heat sensation that you will soon feel once the tip travels from one corner to the other. In case, you feel that the tip is too hot for the skin, then you can always inform your doctor he or she will quickly lower the heat to suit your comfort. You can always get the Eyelid Thermage done along with your forehead that will save your time and some extra cash as well.


  • The Thermage treatment is not only limited for the eye area, but can be beneficial for other body parts as well like the abdomen area, upper arms, thighs, buttocks. Basically any body part that you wish to tighten up with the procedure.
  • The best part of the treatment is that it delivers a long lasting effect on the skin, after the Eyelid Thermage treatment, you can enjoy the hassle free treatment for up to 2 years.
  • The procedure for the treatment is very short and can be completed within an hour or less depending on the area to be treated. As soon as the treatment is complete, you can get back to your normal work, as there are no bruises or side effects that need to be hidden unlike surgical treatments.
  • In addition, one need not worry about the authenticity of the treatment is it is approved by the FDA and is clinically proven safe for usage on our skin without any side effects.


  • The down part of the treatment is said it is not meant for everyone, but only for those who are loaded with cash i.e. with a high budget as the Thermage treatment comes expensive unlike other treatments. A single session can cost somewhere between $1000- $2500, which does not fit everyone’s criteria.
  • In addition, the treatment is not applicable for individuals with Pacemakers or those who are pregnant, due to the radio frequency that can bring changes in the hormones, which is not safe for the pregnant women.
  • Even though, it is a very beneficial and clinically proven treatment that is effective, but one cannot expect to see some drastic change right after the treatment as the result is visible only after few months may 4-5 months. Thus, the Eyelid Thermage treatment is only for those who have enough time and do not have problem with the slow result on skin.

Word of Caution

  • Before going in for the treatment, make sure to remove your makeup as the makeup substance can irritate your skin when the heat is delivered on your skin.
  • Avoid the Eyelid Thermage treatment if you have just had an eye operation, it could be dangerous for your eyesight.
  • Always make sure that you provide a detailed report about any health problem that you suffer, especially if you just have some eye treatments going on before the treatment.
  • In case you got an eye surgery before, you will need to produce an official letter from your eye doctor that you are ready for the Eyelid Thermage treatment and that your eye surgery has healed completely.
  • This is the wrinkle treatment for you, if you are against the surgical treatments.


  • Laser Skin Resurfacing– it is also a non-invaisve treatment that does not require any cutting or opening in the skin. Only a laser rays that is delivered on the Dermis skin layer removes the upper skin layer and allows Collagen formation with new cells. The laser removes the dead skin layer and gives birth to younger looking skin.
  • Dermal Fillers– there are various fillers that can be injected under the eye or the area affected by wrinkles. Fillers like, Collagen, Fats, Hyaluronic Acid and so on is used to inject under the hollow skin where the fat is missing due to ageing. You can choose the filler as per your requirement, for e.g. if you choose Fats then you can go for Microlipoinjection treatment, where body fat is extracted from area that have high density of fats like Thighs. Thus, a syringe is injected in thighs from where the fat is extracted and injected in the area to be treated. The fat injection continues until the skin plumps up and the hollowness vanishes. This treatment is highly used by celebrities and can be done in conjunction with other basic treatments like Liposuction and Tummy tuck.
  • Botox– it is the most popular treatment used by celebrities all over the globe. What Botox does is that it numbs or paralyzes the muscles that constrict and create wrinkles, you must have noticed some celebrities who do not prefer to smile much for the camera, and this is due to the muscles that have been constricted with Botox, as we know smiling too requires muscles. The Botox treatment can be given by any plastic surgeon in the clinic; it is the fastest and temporary way to get rid of fine lines around eyes, mouth, and forehead.

However, the temporary effect of Botox seems great in the beginning but with the frequent Botox treatment, your face tends to look rigid and not flexible, as it becomes to show any expressions from the face due to the tightened muscles.


As with most of the surgical treatments, you can expect some problem or side effects after few days of the treatment, but what happens is that once you get a surgery done to remove the wrinkles, then it becomes nearly impossible to the done undone later. Surgical wrinkles treatment requires cutting and opening which can cause side effects and complications in skin.

This is why most people prefer non-invasive treatments even though they might take some time to show their effects but it can always be done session after session, until a desired result is achieved. Nearly 80% of the individuals who have undergone the treatment have got their desired results after 3-4 months of the Eyelid Thermage treatment. In addition, in case, the patient feels that the skin can further tightened or needs to be tightened then he or she can simply visit their doctors and consult for another session. Once, the doctor confirms that the skin is ready for another round of session, and then the patient can undergo the treatment.

However, if you suffer from mild wrinkles around your eyes, I would suggest you to start from the anti- wrinkle creams and under eye cream that will help fight the soft fine lines around the eyes.