Seven Ways to Get Rid of Old Wrinkly Hands

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Old Wrinkly Hands

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Women wearing gloves
Women wearing gloves

Was there a time when you looked down at your hands and felt that your hands and fingers look like that of a 70 year old women, if yes, then you seriously need to put in some real skin care routine for healing your old skin to welcome the younger looking skin. There are times that no matter how much care we take of our hands with lots of moisturizers and creams but we end up washing our hands again and again that leaves them dry and tight.

I am sure no one wants old looking hands especially when you are not even in your 30’s, that is not just embarrassing but sad.

Ways to Keep your Hands Looking Young

Damn Good Lotion

invest in an amazing lotion that will take care of your hands
invest in an amazing lotion that will take care of your hands

Yes, this is the first step towards young looking hands, you will need to invest in an amazing lotion that will take care of your hands no matter what the conditions are, be it Antarctica type cold or freezing temperature.

Look for lotions and creams that have glycerin, butter and Vitamin E, or anything that has lot of oil ingredients in it, be it Almond oil, Olive Oil and so on. These Vitamins will not only take care of your skin, but also penetrate deep into the skin layer and help replenish the skin from within thus promoting cell growth, which in turn shall increase skin’s elasticity.

If you are comfortable with using oil on your hands instead of lotions, then that too is a great way to get rid of the old looking skin. Olive oil, Almond oil and Rosehip oil have ingredients that not only help skin elasticity but also help in producing collagen that helps in repairing the skin.


Steam is the best option to fight cold and flu, it helps on clearing throats as well as help on chest congestion. You might have also used steam for face to get rid of blackheads and other skin problems as pores open up that is very beneficial for the skin as it gets to breathe.

The similar formula can be used for the wrinkly hands as well; all you need to do is fill in hot water in a bucket or wide pan where you can place the hands over it easily as you do when you place your hand on fire for heat. As you keep your hands on the boiling water, the steam that evaporates and hits your skin it tends to open your pores on hands. As the pores open, your skin breathes and lets the moisture in.

As soon as you are done with the steam, you can softly wipe the steam from your hands and quickly apply  lotion or hand cream to lock in moisture and keep away the toxins that just evaporated in air.


Before and After-Microdermabrasion
Before and After-Microdermabrasion

This might cost you a bit over the normal amount that you spend on your anti aging creams and products. However, purchasing wrinkle product time and again and not getting the desired results is irritating and time consuming, the shorter way is the Micrdermabrasion treatment that is also called the ‘Lunch Time Face Lift’ due to its short time that it needs to get the complete treatment.

Dermabrasion is the non-invasive treatment, which means that it does not involve opening of skin or inserting anything in skin, therefore the treatments uses only crystals that resurface the upper layer of the skin. The crystals used in the treatment remove the dead cells, which is then collected with a vacuum alike machine and removed from the hands.

Microdermabrasion is not only limited for hands but also for the rest of the body, it helps the skin produce Collagen which then helps the younger looking skin to grow and thus replace the older skin.

Glove Your Hands

Women wearing gloves
Women wearing gloves

When you were a child, your mother must have told you to wear gloves in winters to protect from the chilled air to prevent any dryness and crack skin. The best way to avoid the old looking hands is to dab on lot of lotion or hand cream on your hands and slip on the gloves to lock in the moisture and keep it on until morning.

The next morning you will find amazing skin that you will love to touch again and again. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable wearing gloves for entire night, then you can slip it on while watching one episode of your favorite show and you are good to go. Trust me this step actually works, for your feet’s as well, if you suffer from painful cracked heels, dab on some oil or foot cream and wear thick socks to prevent any air from entering the skin.

The next morning you will see some relief and softer heel instead of the ugly looking cracked heels.


Exfoliate hands and lower arms
Exfoliate hands and lower arms

Exfoliation is the best way you can get rid of flaky skin, dead cells and oiliness, however it is not necessary to limit exfoliation only to face, you can exfoliate your hands as well. all you need is a good hand exfoliation, you can do with the face exfoliation but your face skin is very thin and sensitive due to which the products are also sensitive. Therefore, you will need an exfoliator that can treat your wrinkled hands and target the dead skin.

Always remember that you are not removing some dirt or stain from your hands that you will put all your strength and wait for your hands to turn red. Be gentle and scrub as if you are applying lotion on your hands. Buy scrubbers that have tiny granules in them and not too grainy that tends to irritate your skin.

If you do not wish to purchase a scrub then you can always do it yourself, take some sugar and mix it with some Olive Oil. Make a paste and start scrubbing. when you are done, Simply wipe it off, or if your hands feel oily or greasy then wash it off followed by some hand cream.



It has become such a common product and Vaseline has been here from ages and it still is considered the best way to heal nay dry, itchy or cracked skin. However, Vaseline is recommended for hands at night before you hit the bed, as in daytime you will need something stronger as in protection from the mighty sun.

In daytime, you will need to use hand creams with minimum 15 SPF that will prevent tanning as well as wrinkles. Sun is one of the biggest reasons behind wrinkles that are the first thing you hear when you plan to get rid of wrinkles.

Dermal Filler

Dermal Fillers-Before and After
Dermal Fillers-Before and After

As we age, we tend to lose collagen, self-repairing cells from our body, also the skin behind our hands are thin, due to which our hand skin becomes the target of wrinkles. The skin behind out hands loses elastin and collagen due to which our hands look thin and bony. Therefore, the wrinkles are more visible in bony hands, thus to avoid the wrinkly hands you can fill in some fillers in your skin that will add volume to your hands and thus diminish the fine lines.

When our face or hand loses fat, the muscles tend to work along the skin surface due to which the wrinkles become more apparent. Thus, to fill in fats below the skin surface you can add the fats by the fillers from leading dermatologist or your personal dermatologist.

The most common fillers used are Fats, Hyaluronic Acid and Radiesse. However, before going in for such treatment it is bets advisable to consult your personal doctor or dermatologist to get the right idea whether the treatment is safe or not.


Wrinkly hands are a big NO, as wrinkles do not occur only when you age, it can occur depending on your lifestyle if you are too stressed out in your age then too your face and hands will start showing ageing signs. Therefore, the best way is to take care of your face as well your hands, most of us tend to forget about out hands due to which they look different from our face.

If you are someone who washes hands lot of time like some OCD then it is best to go with a mild soap that doe not contain skin irritant ingredients and does not leave your hand dry. Also, do not wash your hands with very hot water, the best way is to go with normal temperature water that will not break your skin and tend to keep the skin normal. Followed by lot of moisturizer and hand creams that work best for your skin.