Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples

Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples

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Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples
Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples

This always happens with us, especially when we have some occasion, a date or prom night or even a party at your friends place, but what you see is a big irritating pimple on your face. Trust me nothing can be more irritating than the fact that on a special day your face is covered with a big pimple that appears out of nowhere.

Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples
Fastest Way to get rid of Sudden Pimples

Thus, that particular time we push our brain and think of the ways to get rid of  Sudden Pimples even if for the day, even if your skin leaves a scar the following day. Due to which some of us tend to simply squeeze the pimple and dab on the makeup, which makes it worst for the next day. This is the biggest mistake where you simply squeeze the pimple, without thinking about the consequences.

That time we forget that there are some remedies that can actually shoo sway the pimple. Let us look at few quick ways to get rid of the bumpy skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

This is what you will need to grab as soon as you see a sudden pimple on your face, dab on some Benzoyl Peroxide and let it set in for some time. The chemical is known for killing the bacteria’s inside the pimple and thus reducing the redness caused by the pimple.

No one would want to step out with the red mark on your face especially if you have an important party to attend.

Cortisone Shot

Many Dermatologist claim that if you are too much in hurry and cannot afford to step out with hat pimple, you can visit your dermatologist and ask them for a shot of Cortisone, which shall reduce the redness and calm the area back to its normal condition.

The Cortisone shall flatten the area within hours, thus you can ask for the shot just before your big day or for the prom.

Home Remedy

Home is the best place where you can find the solution to your entire skin problem, especially in the kitchen. Thus, if on your special ay if you a bump on your face suddenly, you can either take an aspirin, crush it, add some water to the mixture, and then apply it one the affected area. This shall help dry up the pimple but also dry up your skin along with it.

Thus, other way is the Honey way, you can simply apply some honey on the affected area and thus, wait for it to kill the bacteria and vanish the redness of the skin. Honey is known as anti- inflammatory ingredient that will protect your skin from turning dry but then also killing the bacteria underneath the pimple.

Do Not Touch

The best way is to avoid touching the area that will only worsen the pimple and make it more irritable. Thus, avoid touching your face, the best way is to forget that you have a pimple on your face. Or else, for the rest of the day you will be touching your pimple.

Gentle way is the best way to get rid of pimples, thus if you have ample time then I would suggest you to go the easy way that will keep your skin intact as well as heal the skin in its own natural procedure.