Face mapping to discover the cause of acne

Face mapping to discover the cause of acne

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Face mapping to discover the cause of acne
Face mapping to discover the cause of acne

The ancient Chinese tradition says that the cause of the pimple and acne can be discovered by face mapping. It is said that acne has a strong relation between the organ that causes them and the place they occur on the skin. so next time you have acne, it does not only mean that they are cause due to unhealthy lifestyle habits such as sleeping with makeup put on but they can be correlated with organ system theory.

A good skincare can help you get rid of the acne but face mapping can help you to discover the cause of acne and in completely erasing them and also avoiding them to breakout on face next time.

  1. Acne around lower cheeks and jaw line

The acne that causes pimples on the cheeks and the jaw line is cause of hormonal imbalance in the body. In women, one of the hormonal imbalances is caused due the polycystic ovarian syndrome that leads to cane. For such type of acne, you should seek the help of the doctor as they can tell more about the hormonal imbalance you are go through and also he will provide you with some medications to treat i.e.

  1. Acne around nose and cheeks

If you have red bumps around the cheeks and nose i.e. at the centre of the face, know that they are not acne. Acne is generally cause due to bacterial infection or clogged pores but these red bumps that appear in the central part of the face are not cause due to acne but this skin disease is called Rosacea. The cause of Rosacea is not clear yet but most of the doctors say that they are caused due to stress. Thus, cutting down on alcohol intake, meditation and exercising can be the most effective treatment to cure them.

  1. Painful pimple on or around the nose

These are gram-negative bacterial infection that cause due to pustules around the nose. In such type of acne the antibiotics are effective. Thus, refer to the doctor who will prescribe you a medicine to treat the pimples around the nose.

  1. Acne around the edges of the face

The acne that appear on the edge of the face are caused due to the friction from a lot products such as jewelry, clothes such as scarves, hats or may be the phones that you are using and also they can be caused due to the bangs that you have. So it is really important to keep your hair and hands clean and do avoid wearing those pieces of clothes that cause irritation on the skin. Even the Smartphone can cause these pimples on part of the face, which you most expose your face with.

  1. Clinical acne or acne that explodes every month

If acne is a real serious issue for you and it appears almost every month on the ski then this type acne is called the clinical acne and these are also triggered by hormonal imbalance in the body. You can be referred to take some birth control pills as they also deal with hormones. Any birth control pill that you choose should be referred by your doctor. Do not choose on your own as it can lead to other hormonal problems as well.