The Most Common Type of Pimples

The Most Common Type of Pimples

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A women squeezing a pimple
A women squeezing a pimple

According to us, we feel that pimples are just pimples, but what we forget is that there are different kinds of pimples, which need different kind of medication according to the pimple. Nevertheless, most of the time we end up using the same pimple product for any pimple that we see, be it on our face, neck, chest or back.

The Most Common Type of Pimples
The Most Common Type of Pimples

We must learn that a pimple, if it occurs differently, like sometime just a bumpy skin, sometime filled with liquid, or some white heads. Thus, this means we are facing with different kind of pimples, which will need different kind of action from us, or else it will keep reoccurring.


These are the most painful type of pimple, which causes redness and the area to bulge out as it is filled with puss. Cystic are similar to the white head pimples. This happens, when the pores remain clogged for a very long time, thus it is the most stubborn pimple, which will not go away easily. Cystic pimples take time and are nearly impossible to get rid of, thus, you will need to use products that do not clog your pores causing the blockage of oil under the skin and thus leading the cystic pimple.


These types of pimples usually attack your chin area, jaw line and mouth. This is also the most common pimple that you are likely to see on your face, as nearly everyone suffers from them. Even though we feel that Hormonal pimples just happen suddenly, it is wrong as such; pimples are scheduled and thus erupt when the time comes.

Thus, the best advice for these kind of Pimple is to take care of your skin especially with the basic skin care routine, follow t cleanse, tone and moisturize formula. If this formula is applied regularly, then you can prevent any hormonal pimple that can occur in future.


The whitehead pimple occurs when the skin is inflamed and infected thus causes the dark blemish on your skin. Whitehead pimples are very difficult to get rid of, as they take lot of time nearly 2-3 weeks or even months to complete minimize the dark spot left after the pimple dares up.

Mostly, the white head pimples are filled with puss, thus the best option is to leave it alone and do not touch them. Or else the puss can spread and cause pimple in other area as well.


This happens when the skin in clogged and thus the dirt and oil remains below the skin thus causing the plug type thing that clogs the pores. You can see them on your nose, this happens when area is completely clogged with the oil and does not come off.

The best way to get rid of the blackhead is to steam your face, and then wipe it off with a towel; this will remove all the lugs from the area and thus lets your skin breathe.