Adult Acne and the Causes Behind It

Adult Acne and the Causes Behind It

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women with adult acne
women with adult acne

If actress Kate Winslet can have adult acne so can you, usually we look upon celebrities as god like figures and think that they cannot suffer from petty little problems such as acne however in a recent interview with popular magazine, Marie Claire, the Titanic star, Kate Winslet herself admitted to having acne after the age of 30. Stating that it was a case of adult acne that made her complexion suffer plus covered her skin in spots, apparently it isn’t only Winslet that has dealt with adult acne, even stars such as Cameron Diaz and Victoria Beckham have fought against acne for a long period of time.

According to skin dermatologists, change in lifestyle along with consumption of unhealthy food is one of the main reasons behind adult acne. Some causes identified for adult acne are listed below:

  1. Diet: Though many fail to realize it but what we eat have a direct impact on our skin. For some, dairy products and sugar is to blame for their adult acne problems whereas for others, eating junk food has been found as the leading cause behind breakouts.
  1. Stress: After a certain age, the body fails to meet the high stress level caused which results in the body hormones to overproduce oil thus causing breakouts to occur. High stress in daily life has also been observed to mess up with one’s complexion making the face lose color and lifeless.
  1. Hormonal Changes: With women trudging up their age, there are also changes in the hormonal balance of the body. The disruption in the hormonal cycle causes the androgens in the body to flare up and stimulate oil glands and hair follicles which is why women in the late twenties or early thirties usually complain of acne on face and hair fall.
  1. Cosmetic Products: Perhaps as a adolescent one might not be using too much of cosmetics however in between the age of 25 to 35 years, women are most likely to be using several cosmetic products at once. hair sprays, styling gels and other face creams can easily block the skin pores and cause breakout to Therefore, it is always advisable to remove makeup before going to bed at night and try to opt for more organic or natural makeup instead of the chemical ones.
  1. Environment: Pollution, prolonged exposure to sun, changes in weather and humidity can really mess up with one’s skin. One should even regularly clean their mobile screen with anti-bacterial wipes in order to prevent the dirt and impurities from reaching the face.
  1. Medications: Around the age group of 30, women are most likely to be under some kind of medication. It can be birth control pills, sobriety drugs, anticonvulsants or even anti-depression drugs which can trigger adult acne in several cases. In such a case, one should ask their physician to exchange the current medication for something that is more skin friendly.

Adult acne usually affects more than 50 percent of women in the age group between the 25 to 45 years however if one takes sufficient steps, the treatment for adult acne can easily be accomplished.

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